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It was a dark and stormy night... and that was why I was in the house working on this web site. If it were a dark and clear night I would be outside taking pictures with a camera attached to my telescope. No, not of the neighbors, but of things much more difficult to capture on film.

Here you will find photographs of the night sky that I have taken over the past couple of years. The photographs, viewable via the links to the left, were all taken from my back yard in southern Maine. Film based astrophotography is dependant upon clear skies, no moon (unless, of course, you are taking a picture of the moon) and dark skies. While clear, moonless nights seem a rare occurance when involved with astrophotography, dark skies are even more difficult to find. I am lucky in that I can still see the dust of the Milky Way arms stretching overhead from my back yard on moonless nights, but the horizons have too much light pollution to be able to take good film based pictures.

If you have an interest in amateur astronomy and live in Southern Maine, then I would like to extend an invitation to come visit the Astronomical Society of Northern New England, where you can learn many cosmic things about the night sky, as well as the universe we live in. You may also wish to check out another web site I built for my friend Kirk Rogers to house his astro pictures. His site was written more recently and is hence much cooler than this one. Otherwise, enjoy the pictures and drop me a line at the link below if you have any questions or comments.

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